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California Online Mediation Services

California Online Mediation Services

Noll Associates offers online mediation services. Using Internet-based video conferencing technology, you can obtain the services of a world-class mediator no matter where you live or work.

       What is online mediation?

Online mediation is the process of resolving conflicts through the use of Internet video conferencing managed by the mediator. Noll Associates offers world-class mediation services through the Internet when travel, time, and cost constraints make face-to-face mediation difficult.

      Why use online mediation services?

You want to consider using online mediation services when:

  • You live far away from urban areas where mediators tend to be located.
  • You want a first class mediator, but don’t want the expense of traveling.
  • You want the privacy of your home or office rather than a law firm conference room.
  • You want the flexibility to mediate on your schedule.
  • You truly desire to save money, time, and frustration through mediation.
  • The other side is willing to save money and participate online.
  • You have a family problem such as a fight over an estate, trust, or will, a dispute over money, difficult arguments with your siblings.
  • You want to resolve a dispute without filing a lawsuit.
  • Your lawyer recommends online mediation as a cost-effective way of settling a lawsuit or dispute that could end up in a lawsuit.

      How does online mediation work?

Mediation consists of calming down strong emotions then helping everyone negotiate a resolution that makes sense. Online mediation accomplishes this through video conferencing instead of face-to-face meetings. In many cases, the time and cost savings and the convenience to you outweighs the benefits of sitting across a table with a mediator in a far-away city.

      What are the technology requirements for online mediation?

All of the parties must:

  • Have reasonably fast Internet access that can support video conferencing such as Skype or Zoom.
  • Have a computer or tablet that is not much more than 3 years old.
  • Have a modern web browser installed and working.
  • Have a place at home or at work that is private with Internet access.

      How long does an online mediation last?

Like traditional mediation, an online mediation can last anywhere from four hours to several days. The advantage of online mediation is that it can be scheduled in blocks of time for your convenience. Since you are not traveling, the online mediation process can be much more flexible.

      How much does an online mediation cost?

Online mediation costs $500 per participant for 4 hours. You must prepay the fee at least 7 days before the mediation and the fee is non-refundable.  If the mediation looks like it will take more than four hours, each participant will be charged for another 4 hour block. Upon scheduling an online mediation, you will receive an invoice via PayPal and an Agreement to Mediate that you must sign and return.

      Does my lawyer need to participate?

Whether your lawyer participates in the mediation is your decision, and your lawyer is always welcome. However, for the purposes of fairness, every party should be informed well before the mediation if one or more parties intends to have a lawyer participate.

Lawyers may participate from their locations, which may be another cost-savings to you.

Always consult with your lawyer before making any important life decision. The mediator does not give legal advice.

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